Saturday, March 7, 2009

Owen's had 3 shots of Rocephin and he's still got a decent infection. So we got a referral to the ENT. We go back (yet again) to the pediatrician Monday morning to re-check him and they will follow him until we can get into the ENT (I got the referral at 5:05 and the office was already closed so i have to call Monday morning - they open at 8:30).

So that's where we are at right now. Looks like we're headed for tubes... but I am ready and happy if it will make him better.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Owen has a raging double ear infection again. Lots of pus (eww) and she even used an otoscope with a bulb on a tube to blow air into his ear and check for movement and there wasn't any. So Owen got a painful shot (yes a shot, it goes so slow and hurts and from what I hear REALLY expensive) of Rocephin. He goes back tomorrow at 4 for another shot and look in his ear. And again on Friday (she thinks he will likely need all 3 shots) at 4 for his final shot. I asked about the ENT and she said that after this gets taken care of, they'll refer me over. I dunno why they wait but as long as my baby don't hurt....

Hunter, I brought along because he said his head hurt and said his right ear hurt a few times. Today of course he said he felt fine and nothing hurt. Well, I brought him anyway. Yup! A double ear infection (3 in a row for him and 4 in a row for Owen if you are keeping score)! So, he's on Omnicef for 10 days.

So, Cole still has 2 days left of his Amoxi pills (1 pill 2 times a day), Hunter takes 1 teaspoon of Omnicef 1 time a day for 9 more days, and Own has 2 more days of shots. Phew! I hope they feel good enough to enjoy this weekend... Sunday is supposed to be just about 80 degrees (keep in mind this morning when I checked the weather before getting the kids dressed it was a a balmy 17 degrees!)

Well, the nurse said to make an appointment (which is scheduled for 2:40 this afternoon with Dr. Nina Verdino)...

Hunter says his head hurts today so I am gonna bring him in along with Owen just to peek at things.

Wish us luck! If Owen has an ear infection, we're gonna be referred to an ENT.. I kinda hope he does just so something can happen so he'll be back to himself!

He's been pretty consistently running a fever of 102.5 (and it goes down to 101.5 but no lower). Yesterday he woke up after a 13-hour sleep with help from me. He stayed awake for 4-1/2 hours. He took another nap and again I had to wake him up.. This nap was over 4 hours long! I made him get up at 5:15. I figured he'd be up late but by 8pm, he was asleep for the night! I temped him last night because he was whining i his sleep and he was feverish even after Tylenol. I am gonna call the nurses line when they open. My poor baby.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Seems all I can get on here to do is update my kids' illnesses!

Let's see.. yesterday Owen was kinda groggy. I brought Hunter in for his 2-week recheck and dragged Cole along. Hunter hasn't had any fevers and she took a long look (thank you Nurse Camplin) and he still has fluid in both his ears but it is very clear. I had her peek into Cole and she said the one ear still has yellow fluid. I mentioned his fevers and she said it could be anything. She said she's seen kids with Strep & mono, strep & ear infections, Flu & mono.... there are so many things going around, it's hard to tell. But he still has days left on his Amoxi. I should add today is day 2 Hunter said he had a headache (points kinda right between his eyes).

Then last night after kids wen to bed, Hunter came out and told us his right ear hurt. He got Tylenol and wet to bed.

They were up early again (yay)today (Tuesday the 3rd of March). Owen slept until 8:30 when I prodded him awake. He was kinda money all day. Hunter complained his right ear hurt again.

I took temps at 12:45 there were: Cole - 99.0, Hunter - 99.9, and Owen - 101.8. I gave Owen some Tylenol and he will take his nap in a few.

This is just getting ridiculous...
oh - and can ya tell wake county to stop cancelling school!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cole was born 6 days late at 7 pounds 6 ounces & 20.5 inches.
At 1 year he was 25 pounds 10 ounces and 32.5 inches.
Cole was on the charts for weight (barely) but off for height.

Hunter was born 23 days early at 7 pounds .2 ounces & 20 inches.
At 1 year he was 26 pounds 7 ounces and 32 inches (and his head was 48cm).
Hunter was off the charts for all his measurements.

Owen was born 11 days late at 8 pounds 4.9 ounces & 21.5 inches.
At 1 year he was 21 pounds 5 ounces and 31.25 inches (and 46cm head).
Owen was in between 75th and 90th percentile for height but 25th for weight and his head is now above 95th percentile?? I gotta ask about that since he was always in the 25th.

Wednesday the 25th - Owen had a fever and was a crank. Cole still had hives off & on but he went to school (today was his show-and-tell day)
Thursday the 26th - Owen had his 1-year well check with Dr. Hamp. Well, sure enough, he has a raging double ear infection! He was prescribed Azithromycin (Zithromax). Cole went to school and still, on & off hives.
Friday the 27th - Owen's a crank and running a low fever. In teh afternoon, Cole started a fever of 101+.
Saturday the 28th (today) - Owen was a super crank and woke up at 7 and fell asleep on Tommy by 9 (still asleep at 11). Cole seemed OK, but he went to sleep at like 10 and slept until 10:45 (I woke him up). He has a fever of 102+.

I dunno how to get these kids better or WTF is going on.... oh, I should add I have a head cold. No fevers or anything.. just a stuffy head.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cole has an ear infection. We picked up his Amoxi chewables that he starts tonight. The doctor says his hives are viral exanthems.

Owen has no ear infections but currently has a 102.4 fever (just gave him Tylenol).

Hunter's still OK! :)

here it is, 5:10am! I have been awake for 2 hours thanks to Owen (who is now finally asleep).

I thought we were kinda fine. We made it from 8pm to 3:15am without a peep (yay!) and then he woke up crying and I tried to let him lull himself but nope. So, I made a 7 ounce bottle. He drank it all and was still whining and crying and ugh! I made another bottle (a 4 ounce) just before 5:00 am and changed his full pee-pee diaper. He fussed but now finally seems to have gotten to sleep.

Last time this crap happened he had an ear infection. I so ope this isn't #3 in the last 2 months!

As for Cole, he went to bed with hives still but had taken 2 benadryl quick melt tablets. So, he's sleeping pretty soundly and he has a 10:10am doctor's appointment if we still need it.